If you are interested in learning to fly but aren’t sure yet

Consider scheduling an introductory flight. This is intended to be an introduction to flight training and you will spend about an hour in the air. If you want to you will be given the opportunity to fly the aircraft.

People smiling with a flight certificatePeople smiling with a flight certificatePeople smiling with a flight certificatePeople smiling with a flight certificatePeople smiling with a flight certificatePeople smiling with a flight certificate

Introductory flight

We offer an introductory flight. This is intended to be a quick overview of the flying experience and what training will be like.

If you are thinking about visiting a flight school but aren’t yet ready to commit, come on out and try an introductory flight with one of our instructors.

When you decide to proceed, the flight time will be officially logged as training time to get your license (40 hours).

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Duration: Approximately an hour with the instructor.

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Flying: You can choose to fly or simply enjoy the ride.

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Cost: $125 and is performed in the flight school’s Cessna 172.

What is a private pilot license?

A PPL or Private Pilot License is an FAA license granting an individual the right to fly without restrictions (no instructor endorsement necessary).

Next steps

Once you have obtained your PPL you can generally rent aircraft that are the same type that you have trained in and go fly.


There are additional type ratings and certifications available that enable you to fly and make money (Commercial) or to instruct other pilots (CFI), as well as Complex, High Performance, and Multi Engine ratings.


In order to obtain your PPL for single engine land, you must complete the following requirements set forth by the FAA in Part 61.109.

Required flight hours

40 hours total flight time minimum*
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20 hours from authorized flight instructor consisting of

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3 hours dual cross country flight training.
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3 hours dual night flight training.
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3 hours dual instrument flight training.
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3 hours dual flight instruction in preparation for the practical test.
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10 hours solo flight time, consisting of

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5 hours solo cross country flight time.
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1 solo cross country flight over 150 nm total distance, full stop landings at 3 different airports, one segment consisting of a straight line distance of more than 50 nm between takeoff and landing locations

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3 takeoffs and 3 landings to a full stop at an airport with an operating control tower.

Next steps

Once you have met these requirements, your instructor will meet with you to go over your logbook and to make sure you are ready to take the oral exam and check ride with an FAA examiner.

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Written test

A written test is also required prior to taking the check ride and includes a 60 question multiple choice exam.

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Two hours are allotted to take the test. After all the requirements are met, we call the FAA Examiner.

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Those 60 questions are  pooled from a question bank of approximately 102-400 questions.

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They will administer an oral examination and a flight examination. This is known as a check ride and has a cost.

Upon successful completion of an FAA exam, you will be licensed as a Private Pilot and ready to take to the Skies!

Preflight Planning

Our goal here is to provide you with the finest and safest flight training available. In order to do this, it is imperative that the safety procedures listed below be complied with.

If you have any questions about the procedures contained in this list, contact your flight instructor for an explanation or Matt Cole at 405-361-5978. Texts can be received there as well.

Before you take off for each flight, you should go through both the PAVE test and a simple set of preflight planning tasks.

Attached are the safety procedures document and private pilot syllabus.

Always check the current and forecast local, en route and destination weather including the NOTAMS.