Flight School Costs

Below you will find a cost breakdown based on the minimum requirements set forth by the FAA. While there are some students who are able to fly the minimums and take their check-ride, it is more common to fly between 50 and 70 hours before being ready to complete your check ride.

Man on top of an aircraft doing some adjustments

Private pilot cost

Minimum 40 hours aircraft rental
Average 70 hours aircraft rental
Minimum 20 hours dual flight instruction
Average 60 hours dual flight instruction
Average 40 hours ground instruction
Average Annual Aircraft Rental Insurance
w/ $100,000 Hull Coverage
Average home study curriculum, online testing
programs, ground school books, supplies
FAA Practical Check Ride
Headset (Range $150- $1200)
FAA Written
FAA Medical Certificate
Minimum Total
National Average (70 hours) Total

DISCLAIMER: This is a good faith ESTIMATE. Every student learns differently, consistency may vary, weather and
aircraft availability may vary, and therefore, quoted flight rental times, flight instruction times & ground instruction
times may vary. Thus, the above range is only an estimate and may vary further from above listed ranges. Quoted
rental and instruction prices are current as of February 2024 and are based on wet rate rental of N20464- $160/ hour.
Blue Skies Flight Training LLC reserves the right to adjust rental and/or instruction prices as fuel prices change,
aircraft upgrades are accomplished, and/or operating expenses change.